SGWF Paragons Results - Jun-29 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

2860. Singles Match: WOLFPAC defeats Elbi Froggeh by Disqualification.

2861. Tag Team Match: SIN CITY VIXENS defeats Sugar 'n Spice (The Baker Pinfall to Valentina Diaz).

2862. Singles Match: THE SARGE defeats Ricardo Fernando by Pinfall.

2863. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: ROSELET defeats Sarah the Necromancer by Pinfall.

2864. Boss Match (Lurker Reward): HILLBILLY JIM defeats Redwolf by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by VikingWolfKing87.

2865. Singles Match: THE SWINGER defeats Dr. Bacon by Pinfall.

2866. Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall) Match: POUTINE POUNDERS defeats Udderly Unstoppable (Cowboy Curt Cunningham Pinfall to Toasty)
** title shot cashin by PlexRomero, TheDanteMoon.

2867. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: XORTZ THE GOBLIN defeats WynSum LooSum by Pinfall.

2868. Debut Match: BLITZ CREEG defeats Zoidberg by Pinfall.

2869. Four-Way (1-fall) Match: DANNY VALENTINE defeats Junkyard Dog by Submission.

2870. Women's Universal #1 Contender Semi-Final Match B: DIANA JONES defeats Jessica Caine by Pinfall.

2871. Men's Universal Championship Semi-Final Match B: SLAM WILLIAMS defeats Marshall Magnum by Count-Out.

2872. Debut Match: THOMAS THE TANK defeats Ned Flanders by Pinfall.

2873. Women's Poutine Case Match: FURIOUS FRANKIE defeats Succubus by Pinfall

2874. Women's Internet Championship Match: MISTRESS MJOLNIR defeats Melissa Ewing by Pinfall and wins the Women's Internet Championship!