SGWF Eclipse - Feb-20 2021 (Match History)

SGWF Eclipse features a mix of wrestlers from the Titans and Paragons shows.

Start Time: Thursdays at 12pm Eastern at

Match Card subject to change. Match Card order may not be as shown.

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Scheduled Matches

1982. Singles Match: The Ghost Knight vs. Tuxedo Mask

1983. Tag Team Match: Faces of Fear vs. The Bad Girls

1984. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: Xortz the Goblin vs. Blood Rage vs. Grimm

1985. Singles Match: Ali Morgan vs. The Baker

1986. Tornado Tag 3-Way (Elim) Match: Rock & Roll Madness vs. The Cult vs. The Pac Attack

1987. Singles Match: Zynda vs. Alice Wright

1988. Singles Match: Ruinstrider vs. The Iron Yuppie

1989. Tag Team Match: Empire of Pain vs. Dance Revolution

1990. Singles Match: Lady Red vs. Molotov Cocktail

1991. Battle Royal Match: SerGerrick vs. Vincent Johnson vs. Toasty vs. Ricardo Fernando vs. Hillbilly Jim vs. WynSum LooSum vs. Maxx Strong vs. Slam Williams