SGWF Paragons Results - Sep-28 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

3457. Four-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Alpha Reaper by Redfield (Submission) at 10:34
2: Redfield by Wise (Submission) at 11:17
3: Ricardo Fernando by Wise (Submission) at 13:10

Winner: WISE
Stipulations: Submissions Only

3458. Tag Team Match: SUGAR 'N SPICE defeats The Hit Squad (Alice Wright Submission to The Baker).

3459. Singles Match: LORHANA defeats Lilith Knight by Pinfall.

3460. Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall) Match: THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE defeats Faces of Fear (Crazy Pinfall to Molotov Cocktail).

3461. Singles Match: THE SWINGER defeats WynSum LooSum by Pinfall.

3462. Eight-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Ruckus (Pinfall) at 02:52
2: Slam Williams by Nightmare Blackwell (Pinfall) at 04:14
3: Vincent Johnson by The Sarge (Pinfall) at 04:21
4: The Sarge by Nightmare Blackwell (Pinfall) at 05:06
5: Nightmare Blackwell by Ruckus (Pinfall) at 06:13
6: Ruckus by SerGerrick (Pinfall) at 06:56
7: Xortz the Goblin by SerGerrick (Pinfall) at 08:11

Stipulations: Falls Count Anywhere

3463. Tag Team Match: THOSE GUYS defeats The Cult (Nightmare Blackwell Submission to DemonRisaca).

3464. Singles Match: ALI MORGAN defeats Mischka by Pinfall.

3465. Power Rankings Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Alexia Nguyen by Sgt. Rivera (Pinfall) at 03:44
2: Sgt. Rivera by The Baker (Submission) at 07:10
3: The Baker by Lady Red (Pinfall) at 09:33
4: Allure by Lady Red (Pinfall) at 18:05
5: Furious Frankie by Lady Red (Pinfall) at 18:39

Winner: LADY RED
** Winner receives 25 Power Rankings points

3466. Lurker Reward Match: MARSHALL MAGNUM defeats Wise by Submission.
Stipulations: Submissions Only
** lurker reward match selected by TruVillainManny.

3467. Lurker Reward Match: REDWOLF defeats SerGerrick by First Blood
** lurker reward match selected by VikingWolfKing87.