SGWF Titans Results - Mar-21 2022 (Match History)

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Match Results

4774. Singles Match: ONE EYE WILLIE defeats Chris Redfield by Pinfall.

4775. Singles Match: VELVET DOVE defeats Lita O by Pinfall.

4776. Tag Team Match: THE PAC ATTACK defeats CoBros (Devon Fox Pinfall to Wolfpac).

4777. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: THE TEACHER defeats Isabella Carrie by Pinfall.

4778. Four-Way (1-fall) Match: MIGHTY MITE defeats Blob by Pinfall.

4779. Singles Match: STONE defeats WynSum LooSum by Pinfall.

4780. Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall) Match: SOUL EATERS defeats Empire of Pain (Easy Pinfall to Sephiroht).

4781. Internet Championship Match: BLITZ CREEG defeats Ruckus by Pinfall

4782. SGWF Championship Match: K.D'ANGELO defeats The Mechanic by Pinfall and wins the SGWF Championship!
** title shot cashin by kdangelo69.