SGWF Paragons Results - Dec-29 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

1714. Singles Match: BABY RANKSTA defeats Succubus by Submission.

1715. Tag Team Match: THE INFILTRATORS defeats Empire of Pain (Cai Count-Out to Molotov Cocktail).

1716. Singles Match: VELVET DOVE defeats Amber Andrews by Pinfall.

1717. Singles Match: LEW defeats The Scruffy Druid by Pinfall.

1718. Singles Match: SPACE UNICORN defeats Arianna by Pinfall.

1719. Singles Match: MISS GATORCROC defeats Frozen Queen Elsa by Pinfall.

1720. Singles Match: MOLOTOV COCKTAIL defeats Cacie Edgewood by Pinfall.

1721. Singles Match: ALEX SAMUELS defeats Roselet by Submission.

1722. Singles Match: AMBER ANDREWS defeats Kaycee Turner by Submission.
Stipulations: Submissions Only

1723. Women's Poutine Belt Six-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Maddie Hunter by Dazzling Moon Daisy (Submission) at 09:07
2: Dazzling Moon Daisy by Suzie Machina (Pinfall) at 09:35
3: Jessica Caine by Suzie Machina (Pinfall) at 13:25
4: Crazy by Lita (Pinfall) at 14:02
5: Suzie Machina by Lita (Pinfall) at 15:37

Winner: LITA
Stipulations: Submissions Only

1724. Women's Internet Championship Match: MISTRESS MJOLNIR defeats Candy Mandy by Pinfall and wins the Women's Internet Championship!
Stipulations: Submissions Only

1725. SGWF Championship Match: NAPTIME defeats DemonRisaca by Pinfall and wins the SGWF Championship!
Stipulations: Submissions Only