SGWF Eclipse Results - Sep-18 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

3367. Singles Match: DANI WEAVER defeats Lorhana by Pinfall.

3368. Tag Team Match: ACROTCHALYPSE NOW defeats Hidden Girth (WynSum LooSum Submission to Danny Valentine).

3369. Tag Team Match: wins ( Draw to ).

3370. Four-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Redfield by Stuart Keane (Pinfall) at 04:09
2: Stuart Keane by Freeksho (Pinfall) at 07:20
3: Freeksho by Starlord (Pinfall) at 09:45


3371. Singles Match: VELVET DOVE defeats Allure by Pinfall.

3372. Tag Team Match: MIDNIGHT MISTRESSES defeats The Think Tank (Velvet Assassin Pinfall to Lilith Knight).

3373. Battle Royal Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: The Mechanic by Scurvei Doggonev (Over the Top Rope) at 00:27
2: NapTime by Junkyard Dog (Over the Top Rope) at 00:29
3: Junkyard Dog by Bobby "The Brain" Dunn (Over the Top Rope) at 00:33
4: Ruinstrider by Dr. Bacon (Over the Top Rope) at 02:32
5: Bobby "The Brain" Dunn by Scurvei Doggonev (Over the Top Rope) at 02:46
6: Dr. Bacon by The Swinger (Over the Top Rope) at 03:17
7: The Swinger by Scurvei Doggonev (Over the Top Rope) at 04:30


3374. Four-Way (1-fall) Match: COWBOY CURT CUNNINGHAM defeats Sephiroht by Submission.

3375. Women's Universal #1 Contender Final Match: ALICE WRIGHT defeats Lita by Pinfall.

3376. Chat Room Boss Giveaway: STONE defeats Hillbilly Jim by Pinfall.
** Match selected by The_M4v3r1ck