SGWF Paragons Results - Oct-06 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

1207. Singles Match: JR defeats Mistress Mjolnir by Pinfall.

1208. Tag Team Match: SUGAR 'N SPICE defeats Birds of Prey (Lew Pinfall to The Baker).

1209. Singles Match: CANDY MANDY defeats Molotov Cocktail by Pinfall.

1210. Singles Match: SPORTY SPICE defeats Mischka by Pinfall.

1211. Tag Team Match: FACES OF FEAR defeats Frozen Ice Queens (Amber Andrews Pinfall to Crazy).

1212. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: LILITH KNIGHT defeats Velvet Dove by Pinfall.

1213. Singles Match: LADY AGONY defeats Zynda by Pinfall.

1214. Women's Poutine Case Match: SARAH THE NECROMANCER defeats Cai by Pinfall and wins the Women's Poutine Case!

1215. Women's Internet Championship Match: ADWOA defeats Amber Andrews by Pinfall