SGWF Titans Results - Nov-30 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

1516. Singles Match: SERGERRICK defeats NapTime by Pinfall.

1517. Tag Team Match: THE BACKWOODSMEN defeats Poutine Pounders (Dr. Bacon Submission to Hillbilly Jim).

1518. Singles Match: ELDRIN THE BUTCHER defeats Levistus by Pinfall.

1519. Singles Match: THE SWINGER defeats Hillbilly Jim by Pinfall.

1520. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: THE GHOST KNIGHT defeats Sephiroht by Pinfall.

1521. Singles Match: ONE EYE WILLIE defeats Ruinstrider by Pinfall.

1522. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: BATCOW defeats Rustic Thor by Pinfall.

1523. Tag Team Match: POWER AND GLORY defeats Grim Nights (Nighthawk Pinfall to Slam Williams).

1524. Singles Match: WISE defeats Hulk Hogan by Pinfall.

1525. Poutine Case Match: NIGHTHAWK defeats Sinister Cooper by Pinfall and wins the Poutine Case!

1526. Internet Championship Match: PLEX ROMERO defeats Wolfpac by Submission and wins the Internet Championship!