SGWF Galactic Wrestling Results - Dec-13 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

1600. Tag Team Match: wins (Nightmare Blackwell Double Count-Out to Blood Rage).

1601. Singles Match: ZYNDA defeats Alice Wright by Pinfall.

1602. Singles Match: ELDRIN THE BUTCHER defeats Wise by Pinfall.

1603. Tag Team Match: DOUBLE RAINBOWS defeats The Infiltrators (Lady Red Count-Out to Space Unicorn).

1604. Singles Match: ROADBLOCK defeats Vincent Johnson by Pinfall.

1605. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: ADWOA defeats Miss Gatorcroc by Pinfall.

1606. Tag Team Match: POUTINE POUNDERS defeats Grim Nights (Nighthawk Pinfall to Dr. Bacon).

1607. Singles Match: UNCLE TED defeats One Eye Willie by Pinfall.

1608. Four-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Dazzling Moon Daisy by Cai (Pinfall) at 09:15
2: Space Unicorn by Allure (Pinfall) at 10:48
3: Allure by Cai (Submission) at 11:47

Winner: CAI

1609. Battle Royal Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: NF by Nightmare Blackwell (Over the Top Rope) at 01:49
2: Xortz the Goblin by Toasty (Over the Top Rope) at 02:31
3: Toasty by Hillbilly Jim (Over the Top Rope) at 02:55
4: Dr. Bacon by Dennis Extreme (Over the Top Rope) at 03:12
5: Nightmare Blackwell by Braun Strowman (Over the Top Rope) at 03:21
6: Dennis Extreme by Braun Strowman (Over the Top Rope) at 03:47
7: Braun Strowman by Hillbilly Jim (Over the Top Rope) at 04:59


1610. BOSS Match: FROZEN QUEEN ELSA defeats Wonder Woman by Pinfall.