WWF Old School

Hi. I grew up with the WWF between WM1 and around WM6. From WM6 and on to about 2018-19, I was always off-and-on with Wrestling, taking a peak at what was going on. We’re avid fans now, riding it’s highs and lows.

WWF Old School takes wrestlers from what I consider to be the Golden Age of Wrestling (and maybe a few others). I’m just trying to relive some of my childhood here with matches, shows, titles, whatever. I realize some of the wrestlers in here may not be in the same era (see: Stone Cold, The Rock, New Age Outlaws, etc), but they are still some of my favourites that I wanted to see competing here.

I invite you to vicariously live through all this with me. Matches are simmed on a semi-regular weekly basis in FirePro Wrestling World.