SGWF Eclipse Results - Jun-19 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

2776. Tag Team Match: THE PAC ATTACK defeats Udderly Unstoppable (Cowboy Curt Cunningham Pinfall to Wolfpac).

2777. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: POUTINE POUNDERS defeats Udderly Unstoppable (BatCow Pinfall to Dr. Bacon) and wins the Tag Team Championship!
** Tag Team Money in the Bank cashin.

2778. Singles Match: SARAH THE NECROMANCER defeats The Baker by Pinfall.

2779. Tag Team Match: DANCE REVOLUTION defeats Birds of Prey (Velvet Dove Pinfall to Sgt. Rivera).

2780. Tag Team Match: SIN CITY VIXENS defeats Blue Thunder (Mischka Pinfall to Lucy Love).

2781. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: CALYPSO defeats Maddie Hunter by Pinfall.

2782. Poutine Belt Qualification Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: DemonRisaca by The Mechanic (Pinfall) at 04:38
2: Wolfpac by The Mechanic (Pinfall) at 06:01
3: BatCow by The Mechanic (Pinfall) at 12:17


2783. Singles Match: DIANA JONES defeats Molotov Cocktail by Pinfall.

2784. Battle Royal Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Maxx Strong by Tuxedo Mask (Over the Top Rope) at 00:49
2: Stone by Junkyard Dog (Over the Top Rope) at 01:26
3: Tuxedo Mask by Wise (Over the Top Rope) at 01:27
4: Danny Valentine by Sephiroht (Over the Top Rope) at 02:44
5: Wise by Junkyard Dog (Over the Top Rope) at 02:58
6: Sephiroht by Eldrin the Butcher (Over the Top Rope) at 03:20
7: Eldrin the Butcher by Junkyard Dog (Over the Top Rope) at 07:10


2785. Boss Match (Chat Giveaway): COWBOY CURT CUNNINGHAM defeats Hillbilly Jim by Pinfall.
** Boss match selected by TheDantemoon

2786. SGWF Championship Match: DANNY VALENTINE defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Pinfall and wins the SGWF Championship!
** title shot cashin by ThyKaneki.