SGWF Titans Results - Oct-03 2022 (Match History)

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Match Results

5498. Internet Battle Royal:
Order of Elimination:
1: K.D'Angelo by The Swinger (Over the Top Rope) at 00:08
2: Bobby "The Brain" Dunn by Col. Andres Rivera (Over the Top Rope) at 01:57
3: The Swinger by Sephiroht (Over the Top Rope) at 03:19
4: Col. Andres Rivera by Diamond Dave Tolos (Over the Top Rope) at 03:26
5: Dr. Jake Hill by Chris Phoenix (Over the Top Rope) at 04:12
6: Sephiroht by Chris Phoenix (Over the Top Rope) at 05:54
7: Diamond Dave Tolos by Chris Phoenix (Over the Top Rope) at 07:52


5499. Singles Match: OLIVE OYL defeats Maple Marksman by Submission.

5500. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: OWNDOG defeats Devon Fox by Pinfall.

5501. Tornado Tag Team Match: DANCE REVOLUTION defeats The Think Tank (The Teacher Pinfall to Sgt. Rivera).

5502. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: MADDIE HUNTER defeats Alex Samuels by Submission.

5503. Tornado Tag Team Match: MEAT & MECH defeats Varsity (Wise Submission to The Mechanic).
Stipulations: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere

5504. Singles Match: EMMA BLACK defeats Madison Windraker by Submission.
** lurker reward match selected by DeFacto_Fiasco.

5505. Singles Match: MADDIE HUNTER defeats Isabella Ramon by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by Scurvydog00.

5506. Singles Match: MARSHALL MAGNUM defeats Blob by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by TruVillainManny.

5507. Tornado Tag Team Match: LITA O'BRIAN & SWEET PAW defeats Adams & Nguyen (Lillith Adams Pinfall to Lita O).
** lurker reward match selected by DAzulRGB.

5508. Internet Championship Match: PLACEHOLDER wins by Draw. The Internet Championship is defended!

5509. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: EMPIRE OF PAIN defeats Meat & Mech (The Mechanic Pinfall to K.D'Angelo)
** title shot cashin by Fat_Guy_Murphy, Tiber_aka_Tybur.