SGWF Eclipse Results - Nov-26 2022 (Match History)

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Match Results

5747. 30-Man Royal Rumble:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Cowboy Curt Cunningham00s5m 12s5m 12sThe Swinger1
2Blitz Creeg00s6m 58s6m 58sCol. Andres Rivera3
3Col. Andres Rivera238s8m 23s7m 45sToomas Wolfridge5
4The Swinger11m 15s8m 57s7m 42sDiamond Dave Tolos7
5Chris Redfield01m 51s7m 58s6m 7sWynSum LooSum4
7WynSum LooSum83m 5s25m 31s22m 26sBrum James22
8Owndog03m 42s6m 37s2m 55sWynSum LooSum2
9Wise04m 18s8m 56s4m 38sWynSum LooSum6
10Diamond Dave Tolos16m 16s18m 56s12m 40sFreeksho16
11Toomas Wolfridge17m 42s12m 16s4m 34sWynSum LooSum9
12Capt. Spaulding08m 18s17m 1s8m 43sApollo13
13Bacon Jacob09m 3s13m 55s4m 52sFreeksho11
14Kyle Reed09m 40s9m 59s19sWynSum LooSum8
15Freeksho410m 17s19m 25s9m 8sBobby "The Brain" Dunn17
16Scurvy Stardust010m 54s13m 34s2m 40sFreeksho10
17Eldrin the Butcher011m 30s17m 41s6m 11sApollo14
18Toasty013m 21s15m 21s2m 0sFreeksho12
19Apollo214m 39s18m 4s3m 25sWynSum LooSum15
20K.D'Angelo215m 15s26m 58s11m 43sAnthony Jindrak26
21Danny Valentine016m 18s20m 12s3m 54sDr. Jake Hill18
22Bobby "The Brain" Dunn118m 0s26m 3s8m 3sBruce Rockwell24
23Blob018m 39s22m 33s3m 54sK.D'Angelo20
24Dr. Jake Hill319m 16s30m 49s11m 33sWINNER-
25Stone018m 39s21m 34s2m 55sWynSum LooSum19
26Chris Phoenix020m 35s25m 56s5m 21sK.D'Angelo23
27Bruce Rockwell121m 14s29m 19s8m 5sDr. Jake Hill27
28Brum James122m 33s26m 37s4m 4sAnthony Jindrak25
29Damian Jade023m 30s24m 27s57sWynSum LooSum21
30Anthony Jindrak225m 30s30m 49s5m 19sDr. Jake Hill29

** lurker reward match selected by DeFacto_Fiasco.

5748. Singles (Best 2 of 3 Falls) Match: SWEET PAW defeats Alex Samuels by Table.
Stipulations: Tables

5749. Singles Match: PLACEHOLDER wins by Double Count-Out.

5750. Tornado Tag Team Match: SUGAR 'N SPICE defeats Nevermore (Velvet Dove Pinfall to Maddie Hunter).

5751. Triple Threat (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Owndog by WynSum LooSum (Pinfall) at 05:22
2: WynSum LooSum by Col. Andres Rivera (Pinfall) at 06:02


5752. Debut Match: LILITH COO defeats Marge Simpson by Pinfall.

5753. Tornado Tag Team Match: THE DOMINION defeats H & B Connection (Blitz Creeg Pinfall to Toomas Wolfridge).

5754. Four-Way (Best 2 of 3 Falls) Match: SINISTER COOPER defeats Kyle Reed by Submission.

5755. Tornado Tag Team Match: FIGHT MONEY defeats Dance Revolution (Sgt. Rivera Pinfall to Trish DiBiase).

5756. Internet Battle Royal:
Order of Elimination:
1: Mighty Mite by Bobby "The Brain" Dunn (Over the Top Rope) at 00:33
2: Freeksho by Bobby "The Brain" Dunn (Over the Top Rope) at 01:40
3: Drift King by Dr. Bacon (Over the Top Rope) at 02:35
4: Bruce Rockwell by Chris Redfield (Over the Top Rope) at 02:49
5: Bobby "The Brain" Dunn by Stone (Over the Top Rope) at 02:56
6: Chris Redfield by Stone (Over the Top Rope) at 03:54
7: Stone by Dr. Bacon (Over the Top Rope) at 07:41

Winner: DR. BACON

5757. Singles Match: EMMA BLACK defeats Isabella Ramon by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by DeFacto_Fiasco.

5758. Women's Hardcore Championship Match: EMMA BLACK defeats Allure by Knock Out
Stipulations: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere
** title shot cashin by XortzTheGoblin.