SGWF Galactic Wrestling Results - Nov-15 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

1437. Tag Team Match: POWER AND GLORY defeats Poutine Pounders (Toasty Pinfall to Slam Williams).

1438. Singles Match: ALLURE defeats Madison Windraker by Count-Out.

1439. Tag Team Match: THE INFILTRATORS defeats Double Rainbows (Roselet Pinfall to Lady Red).

1440. Singles Match: ROADBLOCK defeats Owndog by Submission.

1441. Singles Match: SARGE defeats Alpha Reaper by Submission.

1442. Tag Team Match: THE BACKWOODSMEN defeats The Pac Attack (Wolfpac Pinfall to Hillbilly Jim).

1443. Tag Team Match: BIRDS OF PREY defeats Vicious Moon (Suzie Machina Pinfall to Velvet Dove).

1444. Singles Match: CRAZY defeats Mischka by Pinfall.

1445. Four-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Zynda by Lilith Knight (Submission) at 02:33
2: Miss Gatorcroc by Lilith Knight (Pinfall) at 06:05
3: Lilith Knight by Baby Ranksta (Pinfall) at 10:28


1446. Battle Royal Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: The Iron Yuppie by Blood Rage (Over the Top Rope) at 00:58
2: Blood Rage by Hulk Hogan (Over the Top Rope) at 01:39
3: Sephiroht by Tuxedo Mask (Over the Top Rope) at 02:06
4: DemonRisaca by Levistus (Over the Top Rope) at 02:12
5: Tuxedo Mask by Hulk Hogan (Over the Top Rope) at 02:41
6: Levistus by Nightmare Blackwell (Over the Top Rope) at 03:28
7: Nightmare Blackwell by Hulk Hogan (Over the Top Rope) at 05:15


1447. BOSS Match: THE BAKER defeats The Baroness by Submission.