SGWF Paragons Results - Dec-21 2021

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Match Results

4112. Singles Match: BLOOD RAGE defeats The Swinger by Pinfall.

4113. Tag Team Match: FACES OF FEAR defeats Blue Thunder (Mischka Submission to Crazy).

4114. Singles Match: MOLOTOV COCKTAIL defeats Cassidy James by Pinfall.

4115. Tag Team Match: THE PAC ATTACK defeats Hidden Girth (Vincent Johnson Pinfall to Eldrin the Butcher).

4116. Debut Match: APOLLO defeats Ned Flanders by Pinfall.

4117. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: CAI defeats Velvet Dove by Submission.

4118. Singles Match: ELBI FROGGEH defeats One Eye Willie by Pinfall.

4119. Tag Team Match: THE THINK TANK defeats Sugar 'n Spice (Maddie Hunter Pinfall to Velvet Assassin).

4120. Triple Threat (1-fall) Match: MR. FIX IT defeats WynSum LooSum by Submission.

4121. Tag Team Match: THE THINK TANK defeats Udderly Unstoppable (BatCow Pinfall to Big Bad Bobby D).

4122. Rivalry Match #2 - Ladder: SCURVEI DOGGONEV defeats Demon Tin Man by Ladder Clutch.
Stipulations: Ladder Match

4123. Singles Match: TRISH DIBIASE defeats Olive Oyl by Pinfall.
** created by DAzulRGB.

4124. Hello Kitty Championship Match: COWBOY CURT CUNNINGHAM defeats The Mechanic by Pinfall and wins the Hello Kitty Championship!
** created by TheDantemoon.