SGWF Titans Results - Dec-06 2021 (Match History)

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Match Results

3970. Singles Match: LILLITH ADAMS defeats Olive Oyl by Pinfall.

3971. Tag Team Match: POUTINE POUNDERS defeats The Cult (Inferno Pinfall to Toasty).

3972. Tag Team Match: THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE defeats The Hit Squad (Madison Windraker Pinfall to Molotov Cocktail).

3973. Singles Match: DEVON FOX defeats Mr. Fix It by Pinfall.

3974. Tornado Tag 3-Way (1-fall) Match: MIDNIGHT MISTRESSES defeats Queen Anne's Revenge (Calypso Pinfall to Lilith Knight).

3975. Lurker Reward Match: DR. JAKE HILL defeats Bobby "The Brain" Dunn by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by BigBadBobbyD.

3976. Lurker Reward Match: REDFIELD defeats Blob by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by Fat_Guy_Murphy.

3977. Poutine Case Match: FREEKSHO defeats Danny Valentine by Pinfall and wins the Poutine Case!
Stipulations: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere

3978. Lurker Reward Match: BLOB defeats Stone by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by Fat_Guy_Murphy.

3979. Internet Championship Match: BRUM JAMES defeats Blood Rage by Pinfall

3980. Scurvy's 30-Man Bolshevik Rumble:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Stuart Keane00s44s44sScurvei Doggonev1
2Eldrin the Butcher00s4m 34s4m 34sVincent Johnson4
3Scurvei Doggonev037s3m 7s2m 30sToasty2
4Reckless Rufus11m 13s6m 42s5m 29sWynSum LooSum6
5Freeksho01m 49s4m 4s2m 15sReckless Rufus3
6Toasty12m 26s9m 34s7m 8sVincent Johnson9
7Danny Valentine03m 2s6m 36s3m 34sWynSum LooSum5
8Wise03m 39s7m 3s3m 24sVincent Johnson7
9Vincent Johnson34m 15s10m 20s6m 5sDevon Fox12
10Nightmare Blackwell34m 52s11m 31s6m 39sOwndog14
11Dr. Jake Hill05m 37s7m 15s1m 38sNightmare Blackwell8
12WynSum LooSum26m 16s9m 58s3m 42sNightmare Blackwell10
13Redfield08m 30s11m 2s2m 32sDevon Fox13
14Stone09m 18s10m 18s1m 0sNightmare Blackwell11
15Devon Fox39m 54s13m 28s3m 34sOne Eye Willie16
16Owndog110m 30s14m 50s4m 20sElbi Froggeh18
17Ruckus011m 18s14m 28s3m 10sThe Mechanic17
18Demon Tin Man011m 55s13m 1s1m 6sDevon Fox15
19One Eye Willie112m 31s15m 53s3m 22sBatCow20
20Blood Rage113m 7s19m 25s6m 18sJunkyard Dog24
21The Mechanic113m 44s17m 3s3m 19sBrum James21
22Elbi Froggeh114m 20s15m 35s1m 15sBlood Rage19
23Redwolf214m 57s20m 59s6m 2sBlitz Creeg27
24BatCow115m 33s17m 37s2m 4sRedwolf22
25Brum James116m 25s20m 54s4m 29sJunkyard Dog26
26Sephiroht016m 2s18m 33s2m 31sRedwolf23
27Cowboy Curt Cunningham017m 38s19m 57s2m 19sMarshall Magnum25
28Junkyard Dog218m 15s22m 58s4m 43sBlitz Creeg28
29Marshall Magnum118m 51s26m 11s7m 20sBlitz Creeg29
30Blitz Creeg319m 28s26m 11s6m 43sWINNER-

** lurker reward match selected by Scurvydog00.

3981. Canadian Championship Match: REDFIELD defeats Scurvei Doggonev by Pinfall and wins the Canadian Championship!
** title shot cashin by Stonegrasp.

3982. Hello Kitty Championship Match: ONE EYE WILLIE defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Pinfall and wins the Hello Kitty Championship!
** title shot cashin by 9TwinScrew9.

3983. Women's Universal Championship Match: ALI MORGAN defeats K'eh'Lo'Q by Pinfall
** title shot cashin by LitFlamesGames.