SGWF Royal Rumble Results - Jan-27 2020 (Match History)

Match Results

94. Twitch Championship Match: ELBI FROGGEH defeats Wolfpac by Pinfall and wins the Twitch Championship!

95. Women's Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: THE VICIOUS CIRCLE defeats The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka Submission to Kaycee Turner)

96. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: THE DREAM TEAM defeats The Blade Runners (Storm Shadow Submission to Brutus Beefcake) and wins the Tag Team Championship!

97. Royal Rumble (30) Match:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Alexa Bliss00s1m 28s1m 28sSylvanas1
2Sylvanas10s3m 26s3m 26sLady Red3
3Harley Quinn01m 36s2m 37s1m 1sSylvanas2
4Lady Red32m 56s8m 29s5m 33sThe Baker6
5Kairi Sane03m 44s5m 4s1m 20sLady Red4
6Maddie Hunter05m 22s6m 42s1m 20sLady Red5
7The Baker36m 59s13m 43s6m 44sAsuka9
8Chun Li08m 36s12m 23s3m 47sThe Baker7
9Trish Stratus011m 50s13m 26s1m 36sThe Baker8
10Paige013m 54s13m 58s4s--GameCrash--10
11Natalya013m 58s21m 11s7m 13sNia Jax16
12Allure013m 58s14m 48s50sJessica Caine11
13Lew314m 32s16m 31s1m 59sShe-Hulk12
13Lew315m 9s24m 30s9m 21sShe-Hulk21
14She-Hulk215m 46s24m 53s9m 7sScarlett22
15The Baroness016m 23s17m 57s1m 34sLew13
16Charlotte Flair017m 0s20m 43s3m 43sLew15
17Jessica Caine217m 37s21m 28s3m 51sShe-Hulk17
18D.Va018m 16s21m 31s3m 15sLew18
19Psylocke118m 54s22m 53s3m 59sJinx20
20Bianca Belair019m 30s20m 15s45sJessica Caine14
21Dazzling Moon Daisy021m 38s22m 33s55sPsylocke19
22Jinx222m 39s27m 34s4m 55sAsuka26
23Asuka223m 17s30m 41s7m 24sCapt. Marvel29
24Scarlett123m 54s25m 11s1m 17sJinx23
25Capt. Marvel324m 32s30m 41s6m 9sWINNER-
26Lita025m 9s26m 12s1m 3sWonder Woman24
27Wonder Woman125m 45s27m 46s2m 1sVelvet Dove27
28Marge Simpson026m 39s27m 5s26sCapt. Marvel25
29Velvet Dove127m 16s28m 47s1m 31sCapt. Marvel28

98. Women's Twitch Championship Match: THE BAKER defeats Allure by Submission

99. SGWF Championship Match: ROADBLOCK defeats Jason Voorhees by Submission and wins the SGWF Championship!

100. Royal Rumble (30) Match:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Dr. Bacon00s2m 16s2m 16sThe Amazon1
2Spider-Man00s6m 7s6m 7sSlam Williams6
3Starman038s4m 53s4m 15sEldrin the Butcher4
4Diesel01m 15s3m 45s2m 30sEldrin the Butcher2
5The Amazon61m 52s17m 44s15m 52sSephiroht18
6Eldrin the Butcher22m 29s6m 11s3m 42sCobra Commander7
7Vincent Johnson03m 5s3m 56s51sSpider-Man3
8Macho Man03m 42s6m 4s2m 22sThe Amazon5
9Ned Flanders14m 19s10m 34s6m 15sZartan12
10Slam Williams15m 5s9m 36s4m 31sNed Flanders10
11Cobra Commander15m 42s7m 58s2m 16sSlam Williams9
12Wolfpac06m 37s7m 49s1m 12sThe Amazon8
13The Swinger07m 36s13m 28s5m 52sThe Amazon14
14Batman08m 20s17m 45s9m 25sElbi Froggeh19
15Stone08m 57s9m 58s1m 1sThe Amazon11
16Zartan29m 34s18m 2s8m 28sElbi Froggeh20
17Wolverine310m 11s23m 35s13m 24sMr. Perfect27
18Freddy Krueger111m 27s16m 21s4m 54sThe Undertaker16
19Ric Flair012m 9s14m 24s2m 15sFreddy Krueger15
20Ted DiBiase012m 51s13m 23s32sZartan13
21The Undertaker114m 40s16m 47s2m 7sThe Amazon17
22Sephiroht115m 18s18m 27s3m 9sElbi Froggeh21
23Elbi Froggeh315m 58s19m 3s3m 5sWolverine22
24Duke118m 11s21m 59s3m 48sWolverine26
25Xortz the Goblin018m 48s19m 54s1m 6sMr. Perfect23
26Mr. Perfect219m 36s23m 46s4m 10sAJ Omega28
27AJ Omega220m 13s24m 34s4m 21sWINNER-
28Destro020m 50s21m 52s1m 2sDuke25
29Rowdy Roddy Piper021m 26s21m 49s23sWolverine24
30SerGerrick022m 4s24m 34s2m 30sAJ Omega30

101. Women's SGWF Championship Match: VELVET DOVE defeats Zarana by Pinfall and wins the Women's SGWF Championship!