SGWF Paragons Results - Jan-11 2022 (Match History)

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Match Results

4288. Women's Universal #1 Contender Semi-Final Match B: SGT. RIVERA defeats Ali Morgan by Pinfall.

4289. Tag Team (Best 2 of 3 Falls) Match: THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE defeats Udderly Unstoppable (BatCow Pinfall to Blitz Creeg).
Stipulations: Extreme Rules

4290. Six-Way (Best 2 of 3 Falls) Match: K'EH'LO'Q wins by Pinfall.
Stipulations: Extreme Rules

4291. Tornado Tag 4-Way (Elim) Match:
Order of Elimination:
1: Stone by Blood Rage (Pinfall) at 03:12
2: Danny Valentine by Dr. Bacon (Pinfall) at 03:39
3: Dr. Bacon by Blood Rage (Pinfall) at 04:47
4: Toasty by Inferno (Pinfall) at 06:15 (Poutine Pounders eliminated)
5: Blood Rage by Nightmare Blackwell (Pinfall) at 10:39
6: Sephiroht by Nightmare Blackwell (Submission) at 11:24 (Soul Eaters eliminated)

Winner: THE CULT
Stipulations: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere

4292. Women's Internet Championship Match: OLIVE OYL defeats Maddie Hunter by Pinfall

4293. Singles Match: EMMA BLACK defeats The Baker by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by DeFacto_Fiasco.

4294. The Battle of the Emerald Ladies: TRISH DIBIASE defeats Beverly Dynamite by Pinfall.
** lurker reward match selected by Atomskkn.

4295. Hello Kitty Championship Match: APOLLO defeats Dr. Jake Hill by Pinfall and wins the Hello Kitty Championship!
** title shot cashin by BiffMarcum.

4296. SGWF Championship Match: BLOOD RAGE defeats Wolfpac by Pinfall
** title shot cashin by Wolfpac6991.