SGWF Royal Rumble Results - Jan-23 2022

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Match Results

4360. Internet Championship Match: EASY defeats Mighty Mite by Pinfall and wins the Internet Championship!

4361. Women's Internet Championship Match: TRISH DIBIASE defeats Emma Black by Pinfall and wins the Women's Internet Championship!

4362. Canadian Championship Match: STUART KEANE defeats Scurvei Doggonev by Disqualification. The Canadian Championship is defended!

4363. Women's Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE defeats Fight Money (Emma Black Pinfall to Calypso) and wins the Women's Tag Team Championship!

4364. Universal Championship Match: THE MECHANIC defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Pinfall and wins the Universal Championship!

4365. Women's Canadian Championship Match: ALI MORGAN defeats Beverly Dynamite by Pinfall

4366. Tag Team Championship Tag Team Match: THE CULT defeats The Central Committee (Blitz Creeg Pinfall to Nightmare Blackwell) and wins the Tag Team Championship!

4367. Women's Universal Championship Match: SGT. ROSA RIVERA defeats The Baker by Pinfall and wins the Women's Universal Championship!

4368. Royal Rumble (30) Match:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Apollo00s4m 2s4m 2sFreeksho3
2Freeksho10s5m 7s5m 7sBlitz Creeg7
3K.Dangelo037s2m 45s2m 8sDevon Fox2
4Devon Fox11m 13s6m 23s5m 10sJunkyard Dog8
5Owndog01m 50s2m 12s22sApollo1
6Sinister Cooper02m 26s4m 11s1m 45sMighty Mite4
7Mighty Mite13m 3s4m 47s1m 44sJunkyard Dog6
8Scurvei Doggonev03m 39s4m 44s1m 5sFreeksho5
9Junkyard Dog24m 16s7m 25s3m 9sStone9
10Blitz Creeg14m 52s7m 55s3m 3sWise11
11One Eye Willie05m 48s7m 43s1m 55sStone10
12Wise26m 25s10m 27s4m 2sRuckus13
13Stone57m 1s19m 57s12m 56sCapt. Spaulding27
14Mr. Fix It07m 38s9m 44s2m 6sWise12
15Ruckus18m 14s12m 39s4m 25sReckless Rufus14
16Dr. Jake Hill08m 51s13m 18s4m 27sBatCow15
17Chris Redfield09m 27s13m 42s4m 15sBatCow17
18Vincent Johnson010m 4s14m 26s4m 22sStone18
19Reckless Rufus110m 41s13m 29s2m 48sStone16
20BatCow211m 18s14m 59s3m 41sEasy19
21Easy212m 27s18m 8s5m 41sBrummy24
22Sephiroht514m 24s21m 28s7m 4sWINNER-
23Toasty015m 1s15m 39s38sStone20
24Demon Tin Man015m 37s16m 23s46sSephiroht21
25Elbi Froggeh016m 13s17m 43s1m 30sEasy22
26Brummy216m 50s20m 44s3m 54sSephiroht28
27Marshall Magnum017m 26s17m 50s24sSephiroht23
28Blob018m 3s19m 19s1m 16sBrummy25
29Capt. Spaulding118m 39s21m 28s2m 49sSephiroht29
30The Mechanic019m 29s19m 42s13sSephiroht26

** The Mechanic enters at #30

4369. Women's SGWF Championship Match: ALI MORGAN defeats Sgt. Rosa Rivera by Pinfall

4370. SGWF Championship Match: REDWOLF defeats Cowboy Curt Cunningham by Pinfall and wins the SGWF Championship!

4371. Royal Rumble (30) Match:
Entry Wrestler Elims Start End Time Elim By Elim Pos
1Crazy00s2m 4s2m 4sDawn Parsons2
2Dani Weaver00s2m 12s2m 12sTrish DiBiase3
3Trish DiBiase337s7m 46s7m 9sMelissa Ewing10
4Dawn Parsons01m 13s7m 39s6m 26sLillith Adams9
5Mischka01m 50s2m 2s12sTrish DiBiase1
6Maddie Hunter02m 26s4m 57s2m 31sTrish DiBiase4
7Velvet Dove03m 3s6m 38s3m 35sMelissa Ewing6
8Molotov Cocktail13m 40s7m 31s3m 51sLillith Adams8
9Sarah the Necromancer04m 16s5m 19s1m 3sMelissa Ewing5
10Melissa Ewing34m 53s8m 41s3m 48sVelvet Assassin11
11Lilith Knight15m 29s16m 8s10m 39sLew19
12K'eh'Lo'Q06m 34s7m 13s39sMolotov Cocktail7
13Lillith Adams27m 15s12m 29s5m 14sMistress Mjolnir13
14Velvet Assassin38m 25s18m 46s10m 21sLita O'Brian23
15The Baker09m 2s10m 57s1m 55sAllure12
16Mistress Mjolnir29m 41s15m 40s5m 59sVelvet Assassin18
17Allure210m 17s14m 32s4m 15sAlexia Nguyen15
18Olive Oyl010m 54s17m 11s6m 17sCai20
19Lady Red011m 47s12m 46s59sAllure14
20The Teacher012m 31s15m 1s2m 30sMistress Mjolnir16
21Alexia Nguyen114m 11s15m 5s54sLilith Knight17
22Lew114m 48s18m 1s3m 13sCai22
23Cai216m 36s22m 49s6m 13sEmma Black28
24Maple Marksman017m 13s17m 57s44sVelvet Assassin21
25Roselet017m 49s21m 38s3m 49sBeverly Dynamite25
26Lita O'Brian118m 26s19m 52s1m 26sMadison Windraker24
27Beverly Dynamite119m 2s22m 40s3m 38sCalypso27
28Madison Windraker119m 39s22m 0s2m 21sEmma Black26
29Emma Black220m 25s23m 40s3m 15sCalypso29
30Calypso221m 1s23m 40s2m 39sWINNER-

** Calypso enters at #30